Walking with our Paradigms or Master of Possibilities

I am a slave to no man, no person not even myself. And more importantly I am not a slave to my paradigms

Paradigms are the interpretations taught from birth to now by the network of influences of our environment with which I walk every moment, every day. I acknowledge that I as all have been raised in conditions and circumstances from birth to now, unconsciously absorbing the beliefs, traditions and cultures of our environment and now I accept them graciously, honoring them as experiences needed to expand our wisdom, examples to reflect on to choose what we desire. I know with these whether perceived as good or bad, hard or easy gives us opportunity to create that which we truly see as the path to our own individual happiness being the life, the attitude, the choice of what truly feels good and what we perceive is the greater good.

Thank you paradigms, conditioned beliefs shared to me in my life to now. It is all of these experiences I gained through all my senses, what I have learned through seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and by touch has guided me to the power of now. It was the adversity of my experiences that gave me will, triggered me to hope that there was more than hard experiences, sadness, or negative circumstances. So thank you again paradigms, you forced me to understand there is an opposite of everything.

Over the years I would wonder why do others live differently, think differently, some as close as the person sitting next to me on a bus or my next door neighbor? Why are their experiences, the way they conduct themselves, the way they speak or what they have different to mine. Or why is this happening to me, why, why, why, when I could see and hear that others were happy, comfortable and their lives were blessed with positive experiences. I wanted these too, I wanted comfort, I wanted happiness and I wanted to feel like I could climb any mountain with ease.

And I did. I took my power back. It was within these convictions, these statements of true raw desire that I changed my life to the opposite of what I had experienced. Without understanding, I took my power back, I mastered myself, I mastered my circumstances by only accepting the greater good and expecting the greater good for myself, blind belief in thinking there was always a way, always possibilities.

You see, I control my path, not my paradigms. These are simply a guide towards more growth. I am not a slave to my paradigms. My paradigms may in this moment say you feel sad but I have the power to say, no I’m not, I can be whatever I choose. The paradigm cannot dictate my outcome, It can only show what it knows to date from all my previous influences and all that is required is for me to see the other possibility and make a moment of choice to be happy, be the opposite and my outcome, my circumstance can only be so. I am my manager, my boss, my guide, this is the way of all and all persons have the power to change their circumstances in this moment, to whatever they will it to be. I choose greater good, you can too. Remember your paradigms are simply a guide, limited by your experiences and influences to date. There is so much more growth in seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling to be had. Give yourself more opportunities, be the master of possibilities.

Seven plus billion people on the globe, multitudes of culture, thousands of sights yet to be seen, millions of ideas yet to be read or heard and all this adds up to millions upon millions of paradigms ready to fill your mind, be your circumstances, your life and to assist in making you bigger than you could imagine right now. You are not who or what you think you are in this present moment, because, you can be whoever or whatever you want to be, how can we be anything but all possibilities, the evidence is there, you just need to see it. We are shown this from others, from books and the visuals on television. People travel, they have riches, they have great health, they eat different foods, live different ways. It is and has always been in plain view.

Life is easy and it was meant to be easy. Easy when we wake up to the realization that our choice in this moment can change our circumstances for the better. Your better. The vast evidence shows us these possibilities, we need only to observe and to ask.

IMG_0848 (4)I look forward to your success and new experiences

Termina Ashton


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