Unlimited You!

Everyone, at some point or another, feels like they don’t truly have their own unique identity. Regardless of how we feel about ourselves, we have massive potential to see any or all ideas and desires come into being.

Imagination is something many of us have come to believe as a limited concept. By this I mean that some believe their imagination is not so great or it is something they were good at in youth. This is far from the truth. Imagination is something that lives with us each and every day. Imagination is thought and through specified thought we can start to recreate better lives for ourselves anytime, anywhere.

Though we are identifiable as physical human beings, we are not definable.

This means we are not limited and not explainable. We are incapable of being limited to definitions or beliefs. We cannot be explained because we are infinite and eternal, always changing and growing to new imagined experiences of the future. We are not a physical body, we create our physical body as we go and we do this by the beliefs that we hold either by unconditional choice or conditional choice. Whichever we give the power of dominion to.

Conditioned choice are habits, thought pattern and beliefs we hold in our mind to be true. Patterned thought, beliefs and habits taught to us and shared to us through and by our environment. Environment meaning: our family, social networks, media, books and so on. All experiences are inclusive because we experienced them through our senses; hear, see, smell, touch and taste. Conditioned choice is conditioned beliefs.

Unconditional choice is unlimited thought, unlimited mind, imagination. Regardless of what we see before us, know or hear, unconditional means there is endless possibility. Our mind IS unlimited; our mind is imagination. And Imagination IS the use of our mind

We are unlimited

We, right now, before and tomorrow have always had the ability to have, be or do whatever we want. We are Superior and Superior can only be narrowed by conditioned beliefs.

So how do we believe this, especially with the layers of conditioned beliefs?

Let’s use the example of a cup of tea:

The components needed to make a cup of tea are: a kettle/pot to boil water, a heating element, electricity, water, tea, a cup, perhaps milk and sugar, a teaspoon, atmospheric pressure for the vapor pressure and gravity to keep the components from floating.

The tea cup, tea bag and spoon are prepared and placed on the bench. The kettle is switched on, until the water reaches the boiling point. Where is ‘boiling’? We call it boiling, but we cannot precisely define it, because boiling cannot be specified nor isolated. We simply acknowledge the superior, ‘boiling’.

So where is ‘life’?  We have cells that make up components such as organs, bones and tissues. We have chemicals, nutrients and breath. However, we cannot define or explain ‘life,’ where it occurs, what is soul (essence or spirt) or how it appears when it is isolated. It is simply a sequence of Superior. Just as ‘boiling’ and ‘life’, ‘mind’ is unlimited, it cannot be wholly defined. Without Superior the kettle and body with all its components would not exist. And without imagination the ‘mind’ does not exist.

Conditioned beliefs, thought patterns and choices are a language that divides us from our superior and our unique energy signature.

This dividing from true self was passed on to each generation and it has broken our connection to ourselves and to acknowledging the superior within all others.  We have become ‘things’, and we refer to each other in these words, for example; She is tall, he is rich, they are European, he is a lawyer, or I am a mother.  Because of this we see the world as we describe it, as a divided assortment of ‘things’.

Begin by learning why imagination is the key to obtaining what you desire for your own life. Let yourself live to your full and truest potential by unlocking the secrets and abilities living within you.

Imagination is the stuff of miracles.


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