Know Thyself Part 1

Fourteen Part Series to help You Unveil You! Your True, Authentic Powerful Self and to Activate Your Unique Energy Signature 

Within Every Person Exists the Opportunity to Unlock MAGIC

Truth CAN and WILL only shatter the veils that cover your potential, and this begins to unlock your natural power

IMAGINE… if you could identify within yourself exactly what makes your heart sing and the UNLIMITED opportunities it could bring you!

Well… You CAN! And this is attained when you Know Thyself

Alchemical practices have been used on us from the moment of birth and during our early development we were influenced with conditioned reasoning, beliefs and language. These verbal and non-verbal programs which are usually taught to us with good intention, have been stored in our subconscious mind to involuntary drive our present expressions, attitudes, and more importantly our life results. Regardless of the intended goodness, those in our overall environment expressed and taught without realizing the extent of what they were doing and therefore left us to feel unwanted emotions along with unfulfilled goals, goals that seem out of our reach.


When we learn to harness our true heritage and decode hidden language a better life will unfold, because… We all including YOU, are THE ALCHEMIST

Your Commandments & Manifestations

Before you master the UNLIMITED opportunities from the Universe 
You must learn to master yourself

All that exists is already within your reach, there is nothing you cannot attain, everything already belongs to you. You are the essence of the etheric field. For you to simply exist means that everything in the present, past and future already exists with you and for you. Nothing can be created without thought and you possess the power of thought. Yet most of us because of the influences of our past limit our thoughts and more so limit our intended desires.

You can change this!

Know Thyself #1

Take a few moments to think about your desires. Using a blue or red pen and write four desires you have at present. Just a few words or a short sentence.

Desires are created because we want to achieve something. It may be more money, a new car, a bigger house, a better job, more success, or, on a more personal level, love, health, happiness or peace. We all have such desires – we would be strange if we didn’t. However, these outcomes can sometimes seem so far beyond our grasp that we don’t really dare to think that they could be ours for the asking, nor that they can come with ease and little effort. Instead, we focus on how far away from our desired outcomes we are, and these thoughts or statements become our mantra. Such as:

  • We desire to be wealthy, we think: Why can’t I be rich
  • We want a promotion, we think: It’s bound to go to someone else.
  • We want love in our life, we think: No one’s going to love me, or they are better than me.
  • We want good health, we think: Maybe I should see a doctor.
  • We affirm to others: “I am lucky or successful.” We think: I wish.
  • We affirm: “I am a wealthy.” We think. Sure, once I win the lottery
  • We affirm: “My mind is at peace and I am happy.” We think: When I’m drunk.

We are thinking about the things we want, but from a negative perspective.

Our internal dialogue, our self-talk confirms that we don’t see possibilities beyond our beliefs. We verbally speak in the positive, yet, hand over the reins to our doubts, insecurities or fears.  How much effort does it take to say one sentence to yourself? Wouldn’t it be nice to speak to yourself in positive terms and genuinely mean it?

Be Careful What You Wish For, because you may just get it

You may have heard the above statement. This may appear to be an odd saying, because who in their right mind would wish for negative things to happen?

Unfortunately, too many of us are thinking negative thoughts every day. Look at the previous examples – These indicate how easy it is to have a positive desire that is expressed in a negative way.

Let’s take the example of a desire for a good health…

Instead of repeating to yourself: “I am full of vitality and physically well”, you think: It’s bound to be something, I should go see a doctor just in case. Many even go to a doctor for a check-up!

This can only indicate that all is not well, because we just need to double check, get clarification and trust in another’s opinion rather than our Divine possibilities. Perhaps this is a means of assurance to yourself, but what you are actually doing is repeating a negative declaration. Your subconscious is receiving the message that you will not be well, and it interprets this as an order.

Although you didn’t actually wish that you would feel unwell, you helped make it happen because failure was the dominant and uppermost thought in the mind., this is why we must, Be Careful What We Wish For, because we may just get it. Or to put it another wayBe careful what you think of; you may just get it.”

Automatic thought

The results that are manifested in your life are directly affected by your thoughts and these thoughts, not your words, are the confirmations you give to yourself. These thoughts are a wave of frequency, a frequency that is depicted through chemical compounds of the body and known as emotions.

Our emotions are automatic responses. They are unconscious competent responses (reactions). Feedback that comes from the subconscious mind that is projected involuntarily without concentration. This is known as projection. And until we are able to recognise this, we will continue the endless cycles of projection and reaction.

Our thoughts including our physical gestures are fluid and subconscious. We tilt our heads in question, use our hands to punctuate a point, or cross our arms to ward off discomfort, all without realising how and why we are expressing these ways.  Automatic projection is something that afflicts us all to varying degrees and are automatic responses that are the templates to our hidden aspects. Our fears, insecurities and experiences from the past, especially from childhood.

When we start to observe our automatic thought it sheds light on how we view our self, why we have certain results in our life and what barriers stop us from moving forward to better life experiences. Our deep seeded emotions are part and parcel of these templates. Our hidden emotions will present as our internal self talk and as external physical expressions, and we, the individual are often unconscious of these projections. And this is because of the mind strings.

Mind strings

These are triggers when “pulled on” by a stimulus create predictable responses in people.  A comparison to mind strings is a piano. When keys are pressed, a string is pulled creating a predictable result, a sound.

The mind, through suggestion and daily life, works similar to the piano. When certain triggers are hit, a person will output predictable responses, such as, when a person is presented with images of salty chips, they begin to salivate, when asked ‘how are you’, they respond with ‘good’.  All people are collections of their past including what was created through evolution, and it is this conditioned foundation, which later become paradigms, that produces strings which can be pulled.

Mind strings are the habitual beliefs held by the majority and past down from generations. They are automatic suggestions, or involuntary hypnosis, that has been absorbed but our subconscious mind because we listened, observed, and mimicked the people around us. Because of this we already have many mind strings, therefore we can relate to others because we know their habitual triggers.

Give Yourself the time to contemplate your answers, it is important to reflect on what we read until we grasp the principles and concepts we have gained. To gain additional insight return again and again to the same material. Repetition will grow neural pathways and give a deeper understanding for greater results. This is because we are able to grasp the deeper meaning that is often hidden in the material. So take your time and proceed at your own pace!

Until next time, Termina Ashton

The Know Thyself Lesson Series has Excerpts from:

Non-Verbal Alchemy – Understand Hidden Communication and




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