Intuition. Why! What?

At first I intended on writing an introduction to the nature of reality as I have come to understand it through years of research, however, an innate feeling is guiding me in another direction, yet it is still relative, because it is the core foundation for the truth seeker, therefore I shall relate my experience and how it corresponds to reality.

Foremost I have come to understand that for us to reach a deeper level of knowing we must first reach the ultimate question.

The question that intimately applies to our individual self and not a broad examination. I’ll explain what I mean by this.

Broad examination leads us in many directions. We ask questions such as, “What is Truth”, “What is Real” or “What is my purpose”.

We exist in an infinite realm of information, and all information has an essence of truth. Einstein, Quantum Physics and a vast amount of resources tell us “everything is energy” and energy is frequency, even thoughts are frequency, therefore all frequency exists, whether it be etheric, or it appears as physical matter. What determines which is more truth than not to us is our perception and a collection of belief systems reaching for comprehension.

When we reach for comprehension we seek to find cognition or an answer to the matrix of information that exists in and around us. We have practiced general responses and often begin in broad questions or answers, for example, what do you want? Answer… To be Happy. This answer is not Your answer. We are programmed in such a way that our reactive response is “I know what I don’t want’, so we answer or question with spaciousness, and this space is filled with so many frequencies, many that do not belong to us that we neglect to see, feel or hear our ultimate question. The question that can answer what it is that we ONLY want as an individual being. The ‘ONLY’ want is what will help us to unlock the truth, real and purpose that we each yearn to discover.

How do we connect with our intimate question?
Let’s go a little deeper

We exist in parallel realities, and though they appear tangible they are only well-constructed illusions of the mind. David Icke shares with us from his book, Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion, “this ‘physical’ reality is merely an illusion that only exists in our brain.” The illusion of reality has been expressed by many others such as; Socrates, Emerson, Freud, Chomsky, Warren Ellis, Iris Murdoch and ancient texts. It is imperative to attain knowing with this however, a foundation must first be strengthened, there will be more on the illusion of reality in the next articles.

What is knowledge and how do we know if truth exists in knowledge.

“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.”—Daniel J. Boorstin

As I wrote earlier, ‘We exist in an infinite realm of information’. This everlasting information can shift us to believe, discredit or feel something. We can begin to believe something, and another source of information comes along that has us questioning the belief, or we are so fixated on a belief that we discredit the information.

I have spent nearly twenty years researching, watching, reading, listening to a vast array of information. Each with strengths that made me want to know more, feeling like I was close, yet continually chasing the evasive light of wisdom. Though each was a lesson in my own evolution, I still felt a burning urge to seek the truth. Why, was I unable to find truth in this extensive world of information?

Because this information was not my intimate quest. We all begin with an innate knowing that there is something more. Something our soul self is aiming to remind us. We have been programmed with the words “What is the meaning of life?” Even the younger generation have heard of this question. How do I know what my intimate quest is? Because I finally reached a deeper understanding of going within. Many of us have heard this statement and have tried techniques such as meditation in the hope of attaining the inward state.

I meditated for years, many sessions giving me the most profound knowledge and experiences. I unveiled/ or altered my frequency to an ability to see layers of energy, feel and hear frequency. See colors and shapes that have no comparison in this illusion and insight into the workings of the mind. Which by the way is the natural state of all. Yet, it only helped me reach sections of infinite knowledge, not the truth I was seeking and this burst open the aperture to a deeper understanding.

We as the truth seekers have missed a key point to our personal journey. This is narrowing down our question.

What truth am I seeking!

It is the narrowed down question that simplifies and eases the path to truth. Meditation becomes introspection and gives a bounty of clarity to the receiver of the individual, profound truth. Basically put, the truth the unique individual requires to burst open the awakening path.

We get caught up in opinions as to what truth should be that we brush over why we began to seek truth in the first place. Meanwhile, we inundate ourselves with information, audibly, visually and through text that we unintendedly muffle our beacon that guides us in the direction that shows us WHY we want the truth.

We are etheric beings that exist in a unified consciousness yet, we each have a unique energy signature. Whether we project in an illusion of third, fourth or fifth dimension, our vibratory rate differs from each being, even if slightly. This uniqueness of each of us has an unexampled purpose and therefore, nobody has another’s answer. We have and for many searched in years for answers and for those still searching, stop, it’s backward, seek your question, then your truth will come to the forefront. Because you identify within yourself exactly what makes your heart sing and the unlimited opportunities it could bring you, including the harmonious synergy it transmits for others.

Every moment exists within you a beacon. This beacon has been expressed by many and one that is your core foundation, your ONLY teacher to guide you to the truth. It is intuition.

Often people see what they want to see, instead of what is really occurring. This is a preconceived notion and these notions can be misleading. If we expect to see nervous, angry, happy or confident, we will. However, if we do not assume and instead keep an open mind, we may observe something completely different from the initial expectation.

Intuition is our greatest assistant in establishing circumstances or knowledge, however, it is important to know when something is intuitive or from memory patterns that preconceive the outcomes. When someone says they feel uneasy or have a bad feeling about someone, they are using their intuition. Sometimes though, our intuition becomes clouded by the preconceived notions and new information is tainted or distorted.

Many optical illusions or visual tricks rely on the fact that our brains are responsive to finding information we think should be there, rather than looking at information that is actually there. When observing, reading or listening always start with a clean slate, see it as a new beginning, as a child who is learning for the first time, and compare it to nothing. As soon as we assume an answer, this comes from the analytical, programmed mind, we close the opportunity to go to a deeper understanding, and more importantly, it smothers our intuitive signals.

Many people have not practiced engaging with their intuition and are somewhat unsure of what it is, and therefore confusing intuition with assumption or guesstimation. Intuition has been described as the little voice inside our heads and to many, this does not make much sense, because not everyone hears the inner voice. Intuition can present in other ways.

Our intuition does not always speak to us in words. It speaks to us through dreams, notions, urges, and physical sensations. We have cluttered our thoughts with beliefs and opinions; and when a message comes we miss it, or dismiss it with excuses, interpretations, and distractions from external events. Our sensations are our insight, direct or immediate cognition, and our inner advice. It is a thought or sensation which says, “this is the way”. A better description for intuition would be ‘our spiritual faculty’ or the spiritual perception that is above intellectual understanding. It is the instructional path to our authentic, original self and a sense that watches over us and never sleeps. Nothing is irrelevant with intuition because it navigates us in the yay or nay of our next step in this matrix of illusion.

We must be attentive to our intuition, let it be our influencer and give lesser notice to reasoning and perception. Reasoning and perception can be tainted with conditioned beliefs, influence, and opinions, and therefore never has been our appropriate guide. Our intellectual understanding has taught us to reason through our beliefs or opinions and sometimes it takes practice to notice only our intuition, rather than the perception of circumstances; which is only habits. We have habits; regular habits that are accustomed to doing the same thing every day, such as; waking up and going to bed at a certain time. Any variation, in particular acting on our intuition, can upset our habitual behaviors, however, momentum in practice will overcome these habits that do not serve our higher vibrational self. The practice of tuning into intuition is a must and an important part of attaining truth because this is the straight line and shortest route to confirmation of truth. It is our lighthouse showing us our individual way.

Here is a tip for connecting with your intuition;
An easy way to notice these indications is through sensation.

When sensation feels light, warm or tingly, particularly around the chest area, this is our intuition indicating that all is well. If we feel discomfort, a sickly feeling, tension or tightness around the stomach/solar plexus area, our intuition is alerting us to avoid the circumstance. Though your analytical mind will show interest, doubt or intrigue, it will only lead you astray towards the path of illusionary shiny things.

When listening, reading, watching or even conversing with others. Pause before you respond, give yourself the opportunity to feel your sensations. Everything else can wait for a few moments. Always, always, take advice from your inner beacon.

Wisdom is harmony with self, the ability to tap into and express through your etheric essence. Therefore, it is wise to practice noticing your intuition. Every mind is built differently, for this reason, intuitive responses will differ, however, when we actively listen to and feel our own body sensations we can ultimately work in harmony with this inner guidance. This beacon will lead you to discover your intimate question and reveal to you the truth you seek. Truth CAN and WILL only shatter the veils that cover your potential, and this begins to unlock your natural, higher vibrational power.

Ask yourself…
What truth am I seeking?
Why do I seek the truth?

Break down these questions until you feel, less pressure from the clutter of information.

Stay with your question for as long as it takes to receive your intimate and resolute answer.

And follow the path that is relevant to your outcome. This will also bring to you your inner freedom, that in turn will project an unconditional state of being in the external illusion, which ultimately projects as a purity of love in the collective consciousness.

Non-Verbal Alchemy – Understand Hidden Communication

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