You! The Master Key Smith

“I am the key master,

within exists all the keys to unlock creation and nature of reality.”

Who is I am?

You, your neighbors, me and each person known as the human being.

In the 2003 movie, The Matrix Reloaded. The Key maker is an exiled computer program, portrayed as a physical character who can create shortcut commands, represented as keys, and these keys can be used to gain access to numerous areas within the Matrix, including the Source (the mainframe).

To gain access to the Source, the Key maker states that two power stations must be shut down to disable the alarm system. If the alarms are active the door to the source will detonate, however, when disabled, a short window of opportunity is achieved before the building explodes.

How does this relate to us?

As many of you already know we are not alone. There are many celestial neighbors, many of which are assisting us in our awakening, on or beyond the earth.

But…Why they are assisting us?

Every being vibrates at their coded capacity, they cannot be anything other than the frequency code for their existence. Even the Archons!

To understand this is to deepen our knowledge as to the meaning of love. Loves truest and only frequency is unconditional. Unconditional means no judgement, therefore, to authentically love is to judge no one and no thing as good or bad. The Archons vibrate at a dense, low vibrational level. When we show anger, frustration or any negative judgement we transmit the dense vibration of these beings, we are being them! When we understand that everything exists as a purpose and cannot be anything other than the frequency it was created to be, we can elevate our frequency. We do this through appreciation. Appreciating our awareness. Awareness of low frequency beings gives us the opportunity to step away from the controlled slumber and seek the path to a higher way of existence.

What is our purpose, the human being?

When we understand why our celestial neighbors are assisting us to remember, or to awaken we unlock one of the doors of the Matrix.

You! Are the Master Locksmith. You hold the keys to unlock creation. These keys are codes, and have been described in many ways, one being our twelve strand DNA.

DNA is an imprint of life, the existence of life using frequency codes which can be found in every cell of the physical body. The structure of DNA was discovered by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953 where it was determined that all known life on earth has double stranded DNA.

Science has established that we presently use 4-5% of our two-stranded DNA and label the extra ten strands as “junk DNA”. These so-called junk DNA are our dormant ethereal strands and for a very long time they have been inactive, yet they are keys to codes that hold enormous functions. To awaken means to activate our “junk DNA” so that all twelve strands operate properly.

You may have heard the term “living library’. Well this term relates to You. You are the living library and within you resides the etheric codes to existence, regeneration and creation. All the codes that lead to and IS Source.

Back to our helpful celestial neighbors.

Just as we live a life seeking expansion so do extraterrestrial beings. We are the living library of all that exists. When we activate our etheric codes we not only move our existence into a higher state of frequency, we actuate these codes into the collective consciousness which aides’ otherworldly beings with the process of their own expansion. In other words, we are being assisted so that we may assist others.

We exist in an eternal quantum field of creation and expansion. We, the human beings, are the master key for creation, we are the genetic codes of everything created in matter, and we have the ability to create as we go, we are the Key Makers.

Much like the Key Maker in, The Matrix Reloaded. We are the soul encoder and have the shortcut commands, the computer program that gains access to all areas of consciousness, we are the all-encompassing ability of the Source. The living library that contains the codes of all life forms, matter and frequency. For this reason, our celestial neighbors assist us to reactivate our dormant and original codes. When we awaken our key codes, we enable creation to flourish.

As I wrote earlier, to gain access to the Source, the Key maker states that two power stations must be shut down to disable the alarm system. If the alarms are active the door to the source will detonate, however, when disabled, a short window of opportunity is achieved before the building explodes.

What are these two power stations?

The first is a third entity, the holy ghost. This third entity is what we have come to believe as an external etheric force that helps us or guides us, when in fact it is an external force that has distracted us from going within and only connecting with our etheric self. This third entity has another name and is called beliefs.

Let’s find out the original definition of Holy Ghost

The Hebrew word “holy” comes from a term meaning “separate.” A derivative of to “set apart”

Ghost we have come to believe means an invisible spirit, illusion or an apparition.

Put together the definition is ‘separate invisible spirit. An invisible force of separation’.

Belief is an intangible, invisible force that only has power or relevance to us if we chose to tie a definition to it. Every sentence, word or even a single letter has numerous definitions, as do cultural beliefs. For example, A funeral. There are many definitions of belief as to how this should be performed. Western society buries or cremates the dead, another culture decapitates the head, and some island cultures stay with the corpse while it decomposes. Each believe it to be a respectful practice. Which one is right?  Only the belief makes one think the other is right or wrong.

Belief has become a third force that exist in our minds. It is the controlling factor of our outcomes and a culprit to entrap us in the third dimensional dense frequencies. The beliefs that we hold only belong to the third dimensional plane and must be seen as meaningless ether for one to activate dormant codes.

What are some of your beliefs? Are you ready to recognize they are meaningless?

The second power station is memory.

In the book, Festival of the Imagination, I wrote a chapter called Misplaced Memory. Here is an excerpt;

Can You Trust Your Memory?

Our memories shape our present mindset, and this plays a large role in our moment to moment decision making. Studies in neuroscience show that when a memory is formed in our memory storage, some of the details are disregarded during the upload process. Much like our physiology with food. Not all of what we eat is absorbed, we only take in a portion and the rest is discarded from our body’s plumbing into the bathroom plumbing, the toilet. Unlike recording an event on our video camera, where we can watch the whole event including expressions and every detail in the environment, our memories archive only a summary of the experience rather than the whole, exact details, and this is based on our level of conditioned beliefs at the moment.

Every time we recall a memory, we tamper with it and our brains fabricate the missing pieces, the pieces that went down the plumbing pipes and we fill in the gaps with any concept or belief we have gained through our environmental influences. We can sometimes borrow other people’s memories, and without knowing, believe them to be our own. This also applies to other environmental factors including what we watch in a movie, hear through audio or see when we are out and about with people around us, strangers we walk beside or see on our outings.

Whatever was, and whatever beliefs you hold right now does not have to connect. It is only your acceptance of what was or is that stalemates your awakening process. Becoming aware of how unreliable your beliefs and memories are will open the window of opportunity to reactivate your dormant keys and expediate your path to awakening. This window of opportunity, awareness, can be short because the third entity, beliefs, attempts to draw you back into the illusion and the door to the source will detonate. Move forward with your awareness, follow your intuition and seek truth. You are the Key Master and the essence of creation.

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